M-Iflọ TM

Features of M-Iflọ Platform: M-Iflọ (M-Iflọ Prononced: m-e-foli) is a payment processing platform for the purchase of virtual content and physical goods.  This product is revolutionary due to the security features of the platform, which minimizes associated risks with online transactions and allows merchants to be paid up front.  Voucher credit can be purchased at POS (Point of Sale) terminals or merchant outlets.  Buyer information and mobile wallet account number or voucher pin are required to complete transaction.  Once verified, virtual cash is converted into actual cash in local currency.  This product addresses the common issue of not having a credit card to make online purchases. It allows consumers to purchase various products including:

  1. Mobile applications – through Blackberry Store, Android store, and more.
  2. Top-up credits – on sites like Facebook, EA Sports (Sony Play-Station, Xbox) and more.
  3. Physical goods and services – from a local or global merchant’s website.

M-Diaspora TM

M-Diaspora is a platform for transferring money globally using an international voucher system.

Features of Platform: This allows consumers to store virtual cash on a mobile device or send it to friends or family anywhere in the world.  Users open a virtual M-Diaspora account through a secured mobi/web interface through any internet enabled device.  Cash vouchers or voucher cards can be bought at partnering retail merchant outlets or POS (Point of Sale) terminals.