mobile_paymentsIf you are looking to sell your products in markets that have been hard to access, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, MMIT can help you by making the process easy and simple. With our unique proprietary payment system and our knowledge and connections in Africa, we allow the merchant’s access to over 80 million consumers. International cross border trading is very challenging with issues such as fraud, regulation, and currency exchange. However, MMIT has made it simple and easy by allowing the merchant to be paid up front, no hassles in regards to reconciliation of funds, and we take care of any regulatory or currency exchange issues that may exist. For more information please feel free to contact us!

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Benefits of MMIT Platform?

Opportunity to expand into new markets
Tap into 80 million plus customer base
Fraud prevention
Instant payments (Get your payment faster)
Minimise reconciliation issues
Uptime high availability
Mobile ready clients & payments made simple
We work with major financial institutions
Minimise the cost of customer acquisition


Why do you need MMIT’s payment processing?


MMIT Solutions?

Fraudulent Payment Issues Cash, Mobile Wallet and Voucher Based Transactions
Collection of International Payments Upfront Product Payments Before Collection
Consumer Acquisition Growth Issues Increase Your Brand Growth
Currency Exchange Transactions in Your Own Currency


MMIT Platform Processing Performance

Robust Transaction Data Management 
High Level Fraud Screening
Uptime high Availability
Seamless Integration
Easy Process Flow
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